Willpro, your specialist

Willpro is your specialist in producing machine parts of high-class steel qualities. With our knowledge, the broad network and our production facility, we are the right partner in producing your parts. Your parts will confirm the highest requirements for wear resistance, strength, toughness, and hardness.

Our strength? We offer continuity and security, by delivering the essential parts for your machines super-fast. Our goal is to stay ahead by always being innovative. Such as investing in new machines and robots.

We are a family business with a flat organizational structure. That is why you will always have a fixed point of contact, who has all the knowledge and information about the products. Because of these short lines of communication, you get instant answers to your questions.

High-class steel qualities

Only the highest steel qualities will be used for your products. We take your specific requirements for the application of the product, into account.

Production process

Because of the smart design of our machine park and by using divers technology, our production process is optimal.

Get to know us

Every day, our amazing team works on the continuity and history of our company.

High-class steel quality

Our products are used in various markets and for different applications. From industrial knives for steel recycling to precision engineering components in the high-end chip industry.

Every application has a specific requirement. Your machine parts need a certain steel quality and heat treatment to achieve the desired result. To meet these requirements we are specialized in processing various high-class steel qualities.

Processing steel qualities

We have years of experience in processing pre-hardened and wear-resisting materials such as HARDOX or CREUSABRO, various qualities of tool steel and PM and HSS steel.

Based on drawings and specifications we customize all your machine parts. With this, we actively address and consciously work towards possibilities and better solutions. We are capable to process your parts based on a model and to advise you about the material type. With our knowledge and our machine park, we are able to produce your qualitative products from start to finish.

Production process

It is not only the high-class qualitative products that keep you satisfied. It is the way in which your products are produced. The smart design of our machine park shortens the lead time and ensures us to deliver your products quickly. Besides this quick delivery we appointed a number of other advantages of our smart production process:



Specific high-class steel qualities generally have long delivery times. To support you, we can hold a stock of steel and monitor this stock. Therefore you are always provided by instant availability.

Machine park

Our up-to-date machine park consists of several metalworking machines, from sawing machines to 5-axis CNC- machining centers with robots. With these machines, we can produce your parts from start to finish.


To record our production process we developed software that connects ERP, CAD/CAM and our machines. By this, we shortened the lead time and increased reproducibility.


To measure the exact dimension and quality of the products, we have a conditioned inspection room and the necessary measuring instruments. The quality of our process is also certified by the quality standard NEN-EN ISO 9001:2016.


We have a broad network of companies we cooperate with, to perform the processes which aren’t in-house. Because of this, we can support you completely in producing your parts.

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