Production hall re-arrangement

When we moved to our current location in 2008 because our old building had become too small that was under the assumption that in terms of space, the new building would be good for a number of years. Currently, only six years later, we can say that this notion was a bit premature.


The purchase of 2 new production machines has created the need to completely re-arrange the workshop hall. Over the coming weeks 6 machines will be repositioned and re-connected. There will also be a new foundation poured for our new Göckel G80Pl surface grinding machine that weighs approx. 17 tons. Two new support jib cranes are being positioned to support the loading of the machines and one existing support jib crane will be repositioned. By doing so it will be possible to load all our machines by means of one crane.


Given a growing stock of raw materials, 10 metres of storage space has also been invested in for this together with a materials rack system with swivel arms alongside our sawing line.


Once the new machines have been put into operation, we will of course be publicising this on our website.

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