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The past week has been primarily spent manufacturing parts for the solar car being created by Solar Team Twente. We are currently not permitted to provide more information about these products. However, we are proud to be a part of it and will provide a brief introduction to Solar Team Twente and their goals below:

Solar Team Twente consists of 16 ambitious and hardworking students from Saxion and the Twente University. They have one goal in common: winning the World Solar Challenge 2013. A race of over 3000 kilometers from Darwin to Adelaide crossing straight through the Australian outback. This race is only open to cars powered by solar energy. Twente's enthusiastic students have put their books down for eighteen months so that they can give their all when it comes to designing and building the best solar car; a car which will win this competition in October 2013.

Solar Team Twente is collaborating with a collective consisting of partners from the business world, knowledge institutes and the government to create their winning car. This makes it one of the largest Dutch student projects. Solar Team Twente has not escaped media attention. The team has been featured in various regional and national newspapers and RTL7 devoted a whole program to them last year.

Solar Team Twente and its partners are trying to create a relationship in which both parties strengthen each other. One where they can achieve the most from their collaboration. Systematically analyzing a problem results in the discovery of new options and steered innovation. The end result will be a solar car consisting of parts which seamlessly fit together.

Collaborating to create amazing technology; this is what Solar Team Twente is doing. Its ultimate goal is the creation of a winning and conspicuously red solar car which benefits from its simplicity and which uses high-tech subsystems and materials. A car which is a cut above the other participants' ones.

Please view the film here for an impression of the project. The film featured is an overview of the 2011 race.



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